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Social Media & Customer Service [CHART]


Consumers who have used social media for customer service are more engaged and vocal in speaking about their experiences than the general population, says American Express in May 2012 survey results. This can play to companies’ benefits, but also to their detriment. For example, while these consumers are willing to spend 21% more for excellent service, compared to 13% more for the general population, they are also far more likely to say that they have not completed an intended purchase because of a poor customer service experience in the past year (83% vs. 55%). And while they will tell more people about a good experience than the general population (42 vs. 15), they will also spread the word at a far greater rate about bad experiences (53 vs. 24).

Consumers who have used social media for customer service made up 17% of the total respondents to the survey. According to a May 2012 survey from Sword Ciboodle, 60% of customer service practitioners support Facebook as a social service channel, and 59% support Twitter. Roughly 9 in 10 respondents to that survey believe that providing customer service over social channels is a good thing for their customers and for their organization. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.