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US Smart Phone Market Share, By Platform [CHART]


Google’s share of the US smartphone market (primarily representing the Android platform) climbed 8% between the 3 months ending December 2011 and the 3 months ending March 2012, increasing to 51% in that time period, after taking a majority share for the first time in the 3 months ending February 2012.

Apple rose to 30.7% share of the smartphone market for the 3-month period ending in March, up close to 4% from 29.6% the previous period. Google and Apple both gained at the expense of RIM, which lost more than 23% to 12.3% share, and Microsoft, which dropped 17% of its share, down to 3.9%.

General US smartphone ownership grew to 106 million in March 2012, representing a 9% increase from December. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.