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Daily Smart Phone App Use, Q1 2011 – Q1 2012 [CHART]


Smartphone owners are spending more time with their applications on a daily basis, and social networking apps are the chief beneficiaries, says Flurry in an April 2012 report. Daily smartphone app consumption rose from an average of 68 minutes in Q1 2011 to 77 minutes in Q1 2012. During that period, time spent playing games remained relatively steady, dropping only marginally from 25 to 24 minutes, while consumption of social networking apps increased by 60%, from 15 to 24 minutes, to match games at 31% share of time spent. According to Flurry insight, this is the first time since it began tracking usage in 2008 that another category has rivaled games.

The remainder of the 77 minutes of daily time spent with mobile apps in Q1 2012 was divided up into news (12 minutes), entertainment (10 minutes) and other (7 minutes) apps. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.