Top Drivers Of Repeat Online Business [CHART]


worldpay-top-drivers-repeat-business-april2012.jpgIt seems that online merchants may not know their customers as well as they think, finds WorldPay [download page] in an April 2012 report. The survey asked more than 19,000 global online shoppers what it takes to bring them back to a site for a repeat purchase, and compared the responses to those from 153 senior decision-makers who had responsibility for the online payment process of their retail organizations. The most common priorities listed by the global online shoppers were the security of their personal or financial information (75%), payment security checks (66%), and guarantees and warranties provided for products or services (57%). By contrast, merchants listed the top drivers as the design and layout of their website (67%), the quality of the website navigation (62%), and the overall speed of the buying experience (62%).

Of note was the finding that cheapest prices (52%) and how well-known the brand or retailer is (39%) were not among the top priorities for customers. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.