Global Consumers’ Tech/Information Concerns [CHART]


Data from Euro RSCG Worldwide’s “This Digital Life” indicates that a majority of consumers around the world are concerned about technology overload, with women 15% more likely than men to report this concern (60% vs. 52%), and mainstream consumers almost 8% more likely than prosumers to be concerned (56% vs. 52%).

55% of prosumers say they find it hard to be without their phone or mobile device, although this drops to 42% among mainstream consumers. According to Arbitron and Edison Research survey results released in April 2012, a whopping 91% of smartphone owners say their device is within arm’s length either always (60%) or most of the time (31%). Indeed, 56% of prosumers and 51% of mainstream consumers say they enjoy deliberately taking breaks from their phones and mobile devices. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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