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Growth/Decline Of Online Spending, By Country [CHART]


Looking at how online spending has changed since the start of the global recession, WorldPay discovered that 63% of consumers in China report spending more online, compared to just 5% who say they spend less. This net growth of 58% was far higher than the nearest country, India, with net growth of 30% (45% vs. 15%). By contrast, only 22% of consumers in the US report spending more online since the start of the global recession, compared to 32% who report spending less, for a net 10% decline.

This boom in spending in China correlates with December 2011 results from Translated’s T-Index, a statistical index that determines the online market share per country by combining the internet population and the corresponding GDP per capita. That research forecast that the US (16.8%) will fall behind China (18.8%) in online market share by 2015, despite having more than double the share in 2011 (24.4% vs. 11.5%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.