Global Attitudes Toward Modern Life [CHART]


Modernity doesn’t equate to progress for a large proportion of consumers across the world, finds Euro RSCG Worldwide in a survey of more than 7,000 adults in 19 countries. Comparing results from mainstream consumers and “prosumers” (those who are leading-edge, making up 16% of the sample), the survey finds that 62% of prosumers and 59% of mainstream consumers believe that in many ways society is moving in the wrong direction. More than 7 in 10 prosumers, who Euro RSCG suggest are leading indicators of what the mainstream consumers will be thinking and doing in the near future, and roughly two-thirds of mainstream consumers, say they worry about society’s loss of connection to the natural world and about society’s loss of authenticity.

This finding is somewhat at odds with February 2012 survey results from Ipsos, which found that 77% of the 18,687 adults surveyed in 24 countries say they are happy in their lives, with 22% reporting being very happy. This is up from 20% in 2007 who reported being very happy, but down from a high of 26% in March and April 2010. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.