Smart Owners Air Travel Activities [CHART]


Smartphone owners are using their devices for a range of activities from reading email to performing in-store research, so it may not be a surprise that a majority are now accessing travel-related content on their devices, according to April 2012 comScore figures. Indeed, 51% of smartphone owners accessed air and/or hotel information on their devices in the 3-month period ending February 2012, says comScore, with 4 in 5 of these mobile travelers accessing both types of content. In terms of air travel-related content, checking airfare prices was the leading activity, conducted by 26% of the total smartphone audience. Closely following were looking up an airline phone number, looking at flight schedules, and checking a flight status, each of which was performed by one-quarter of the smartphone-owning population. Other popular activities included looking up airport information (24%), checking in for a flight (21%), receiving price alerts for flights (19%), booking a flight (18%), and receiving SMS alerts for a flight status (18%). Read the rest at Marketing Charts.