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More Moms Mobile Shopping [CHART]


Mobile devices are playing an increasingly important part in the American mother’s purchase process, says BabyCenter in an April 2012 study conducted in partnership with Nielsen. Comparing results from the survey with results from one it released almost 6 months ago, BabyCenter found a drastic upswing in the proportion of mothers using their mobiles for a range of shopping activities. For example, their use of mobiles for price comparison reviews jumped more than 60% from 28% to 45%, while the proportion using a mobile to decide where to buy nearly doubled, from 16% to 30%. Other activities on the uptick include using a mobile for feature comparisons (37% vs. 21%), to get product ideas (36% vs. 20%), for product or brand recommendations (33% vs. 17%), and to find coupons or deals (31% vs. 22%). The report also notes that 1 in 5 mothers have scanned a barcode for price comparisons in the past 30 days, and 9% regularly scan QR codes.

Overall, smartphone penetration among this demographic has risen to 65%. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.