How African Americans Feel About Their Mobile Phones, By Generation [CHART]


A year-long survey by Experian Simmons that concluded at the end of November 2011 got a glimpse at some of these differences. Black mobile phone owners were more likely than their white counterparts (19.5% vs. 11.8%) and respondents in general (13.7%) to agree with the statement, “My [mobile] phone is an expression of who I am.” Blacks were also more likely than whites and respondents in general to agree that, “I use my [mobile] phone in many different ways to get the information I need,” (46.7% vs. 38.7% vs. 40.6%) and that, “My [mobile] phone connects me to my social world,” (38.4% vs. 32.2% vs. 34.0%). Read the rest at eMarketer.