Defiance Will Pair TV Series With Simlutaneous Real-Time Video Game


Syfy is already pitching advertisers on integrations into “Defiance,” the coordinated TV series and multiplayer online game that it plans to introduce in April 2013.

The complicated nature of the project, in which plot points will appear on the TV show and in the game at about the same time, requires bringing in marketers earlier than usual, according to executives.

“We are in conversations with potential advertisers nine months in advance,” said Linda Yaccarino, president-cable entertainment and digital advertising sales at NBC Universal, which owns Syfy. “We have never thrown back the curtain this early in a project.”

“Defiance,” a joint venture with video-game developer Trion Worlds, centers on aliens and humans living together on Earth 30 years from now. The two species struggle to build a society amid devastation after an epic war.

The show and the game will influence each other and evolve together, said Syfy President Dave Howe. If, for example, the game warns of an invasion, “then the show will reference that battle in the following episode,” he said. “If a massive storm moves in on the show, it moves in on the game.” Read the rest at AdAge.