WiFi Users By Carrier [CHART]


iPhone users are far more likely than Android or Blackberry device users to use Wi-Fi, finds Jumptap in an April 2012 report. Looking at data from its network of more than 107 million unique visitors in March, Jumptap found that iPhone users were 66% more likely to use Wi-Fi than Android users (58% vs. 35%), and 41% likely to do so than Blackberry owners (58% vs. 41%). The study notes that this makes iPhone users ripe for geo-targeted campaigns, as Wi-Fi offers strong location data.

April 2012 data from comScore finds a similar trend. Basing its analysis on census-level behavioral data from comScore Device Essentials, the comScore report finds that within the US just 29% of unique iPhones browse only via mobile networks, compared to 71% that browse via both mobile and Wi-Fi networks. By contrast, only 32% of Android phones used both connections, while 68% browsed only via networks. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.