Video Tops List Of Increased Use Of Social Media Marketing Tools [CHART]


YouTube (and/or other video sites) is the top area where marketers plan on increasing their social media efforts, finds Social Media Examiner in an April 2012 report. YouTube/video is slated for an increase in activity by 76% of respondents, ahead of Facebook (72%), Twitter (69%), blogs (68%), Google+ (67%), and LinkedIn (66%). Younger marketers (aged 20-49) are 13% more likely than their older counterparts (aged over 60) to tab video production as a key growth area (77% vs. 68%).

In fact, according to a March 2012 report [pdf] from the Web Video Marketing Council (WVMC) and Flimp Media, 81% of senior marketing executives are using online video content, with brand websites (67%), social media sites (61%), and email marketing (52%) the most popular avenues for sharing content. Indeed, video appears to be a key complement to email: almost three-quarters of marketers integrating video with email said they believe consumers are more likely to purchase or convert after viewing an email campaign that incorporated video. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.