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Popular Facebook Advertising Targeting Criteria [CHART]


The most popular targeting criteria among Facebook advertisers are age and country, used always or often by 55% and 53%, respectively, according to [download page] an April 2012 report from Social Fresh. And while a significant proportion target interests, both precise (50%) and broad (42%), only about one-third target gender. Overall, 57.1% of respondents are targeting 2 to 5 audience segments, although an additional 21.6% limit their targeting to a single segment.

Despite most advertisers marketing to multiple segments per ad, the report finds that 85% of respondents are not using management software that enables more segmentation. According to a March 2012 study from comScore, which analyzed 12 national premium brand’s advertising campaigns, display ad campaigns with multiple demographic targeting variables have trouble reaching their intended audience. The same report found that 44% of the campaigns included gender in their target set. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.