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Archive for April 3, 2012

Location-Based Services Still Lagging [CHART]

via Small businesses are turning to certain social media tools in increasing numbers, finds AT&T in March 2012 survey results. Facebook was the most popular tool among small businesses in 2011, up 7.3% year-over-year to 44% of respondents, followed by LinkedIn, which was used by 31%, up 24% from 25% a year earlier. And…

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Consumers Happier With Products Bought Online [CHART]

via bazaarvoice-product-sentiment-by-age-group-april2012.jpgConsumers who buy products online appear more satisfied with their purchases than in-store shoppers, a trend that surprisingly is magnified among the more mature age demographics, details BazaarVoice in a March 2012 report. Looking at online feedback from both in-store and online shoppers, the company found that the average feedback rating among 19-24-year-olds…

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One Third Of Marketers Think Their Digital Tools Are Kinda Sucky [CHART]

via Although the vast majority of marketers agree that digital marketing can reduce customer acquisition costs when properly used, existing tools are not providing the leverage needed in a number of key areas, details DataXu in a March 2012 report. Indeed, just one-quarter of respondents said the software tools they currently use allow them…

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Pinterest User Behavior [SCREENSHOT]

via Now a recent study suggests it prompts consumers to make purchases. Some 21% of respondents to a recent survey with a Pinterest account have purchased a product after seeing a picture on the site. The PriceGrabber survey of 4,851 U.S. online consumers conducted between March 13 and 26 reveals that respondents who purchased…

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Magazines Positioning To Be Pinned [SCREENSHOT]

via Hearst’s sense of urgency about Pinterest is shared elsewhere in publishing, and with good reason. “It’s predominantly female, 25 to 44, an educated user — so it’s definitely someone that we want to speak to and engage,” Mr. Pollack said. The same could be said for many magazines. And when RJ Metrics recently…

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