Budgets Going Digital [CHART]


Almost three-quarters of enterprise decision makers report a shift in budgets from traditional advertising to digital in the past year, according to [download page] a March 2012 report from DataXu. These shifts are not minor, either: in fact, about one-third of those say that more than half of their budgets have shifted from traditional to digital marketing, while an additional 23% report between 26% and 50% of their budgets moving to digital. And this trend appears not to be short-lived, as more than 4 in 5 who have seen an internal shift expect it to continue in the next year.

This same trend from traditional to digital was also reported in a report released in February 2012 by the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), conducted by Econsultancy. According to those findings, although client marketers said traditional media still makes up the majority of their budgets, only 22% of respondents forecast increases in traditional media spending this year compared to 2011, while half expected to increase their paid digital media spend, and two-thirds their earned digital media spend. On the same note, 38% expected to decrease their investment in paid traditional media, compared to just 16% for paid digital media, and 9% for earned/owned media. Read the rest at Marketing Charts.

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