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Archive for April 1, 2012

Attitudes Toward Retail Product Videos [CHART]

via Online product viewers can have a powerful impression on consumers, according to [download page] a March 2012 report from the e-tailing group, sponsored by Invodo. 51% of respondents, who qualified by having watched product videos on retail or brand manufacturer websites, said that they have more confidence in the purchases they make after…

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Budgets Going Digital [CHART]

via Almost three-quarters of enterprise decision makers report a shift in budgets from traditional advertising to digital in the past year, according to [download page] a March 2012 report from DataXu. These shifts are not minor, either: in fact, about one-third of those say that more than half of their budgets have shifted from…

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Search Volume By Engine [CHART]

via To date, Facebook hasn’t made search a priority, and it shows. The prominent white box at the top of each page is good at helping users find other members. It’ll also spit back Facebook pages for brands and locations, recent status updates from friends, and general Web search results powered by Microsoft’s (MSFT)…

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Brand Decisions & Hispanics [CHART]

Via Marketing Charts As immigration continues to bring first generation Hispanics into the US market, integrated ethnic campaigns, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, across all sectors are becoming essential. 70% of 1st generation Hispanics say they notice products and brands that make the effort to reach their ethnicity through advertising, while more than 3 in 5…

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